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Tableware Gift Set, Muted

Tableware Gift Set, Muted

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Our Materials

-Made with BPA-free and chemical-free food grade silicone.
-BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free
-100% food grade silicone
-Dishwasher safe


Save yourself the hassle of cleaning and time, and make mealtimes easier & trendy at the same time. Suitable for all children especially for little ones who are about to start on solids to help ensure successful mealtimes.


Made from food-grade silicone, these playful bibs are 100% BPA and phthalate free.Bibs feature rounded, built-in neck fasteners for a snug and comfy fit.The deep front pocket is perfect for catching food while keeping your baby and surrounding area clean.


Easy to clean, our silicone accessories resist stains and do not absorb water. Wash with soap and leave to air dry.



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Why you'll love our products?

It’s essential to keep your babies safe enough to prevent any infection that could become dangerous to their health. One way to do this is to use baby-safe items and toys such as silicone baby accessories for feeding.

  • Safe materials

    Silicone is one ofthe safest and most durable food-grade materials. Especially when it isBPA-free silicone, as in all LOBABIES products. Silicone can withstand very high and very low temperatures, making it both microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

  • Weighted base

    The weighted base prevents your little one from accidentally pushing the bowl or plate off the table. Just to give you an idea: a silicone plate weights 380g ,a bowl 300g! Your dining room stays clean, unless your child starts throwing food around, of course! ;-)

  • Sturdy but flexible

    Silicone is aflexible and soft, but shock-resistant material. In addition, the material also offers afirm grip; it stays put on the table and in little hands. Ideal for when your little one is starting to eat by himself. The soft material is also gently on the gums, perfect for when your baby is teething.

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